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We are all downloading and using apps on our mobile phones these days.

And yet, have you, as a small business, ever thought about using your own app to promote your business? Do you know how easy and affordable (at only £1 per day, plus £295 for design & build including domain name and hosting) see  (One Price) having your own app would be to reach many new customers? At the touch of just one button.


Our service

We build affordable mobile apps for small businesses that can be sent by text/email in an instant to hundreds of prospective customers.

All you need is a mobile phone and your customers’ mobile numbers/email. You don’t even need your own website.


Here’s how it works

We create a smart mobile app design see (Our Apps) that reflects your business,

You ask your customers for their mobile number or email

You text/email your app link from your phone to their phone free of charge

They tap on the text link as they receive it, and hey presto, your business pops up in front of them in an instant.


Smartphones in pockets

All the customers you encounter who want to buy your products or services have a smartphone in their pocket or handbag.

They all want a discount, special deal or bargain from your business.
You want to sell more products or services and make more profits.

So why not give them what they want via your app coupon.
They can then pass your app to their friends and family this will increase your customer base very quickly and grow your profits.

Money down the drain

Wasting your money

How much a year do you spend on promoting your business through advertising, leaflet drops, printing, mailing letters and updating your website.

Could you be spending this money more effectively?

We will create a smart mobile business app that is easily sent by text to your customers and in turn your customers can easily send it to their friends and family that does all your promoting for you in one easy platform.

No need to invest in a website or expensive optimisation. Your app is your website and business card, your promotional tool including see (Reviews), your advertising, your contact details, your special offers and see (Coupons) discounts.


Coupons make loyal customers

Everyone loves a deal so give coupons via your app and your customers will keep coming back to your business, they will also tell their friends and family about your deals.

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